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"I peeped about its old corners with interest and wonder when I was a very little child"
Charles Dickens

Lying some 50km from London, Rochester overlooks the River Medway. It is a historic town which gained importance from its strategic position on the London to Dover road. A short wander around the town immediately makes apparent why Dickens was so fond of the place. It's a lively and friendly town with old, lopsided, half-timbered buildings. Most date to the 18th century while others are some 600 years old. The long high street with its medieval city walls is lined by Victorian lamps and flower baskets which hang outside the little boutiques, cafs and interesting souvenir shops, all leading to the main tourist attractions; Rochester Cathedral and the Norman Rochester Castle.

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Rochester : Sightseeing and Attractions

Rochester Castle
Lying directly opposite Rochester Cathedral, this Norman castle presents one of the finest examples of Norman castle architecture to be found in England. Indeed it made such a great impression on young Charles Dickens that he declared he wanted to be buried here. .. more
Admission: £4.00 Adults £3.00 Children
Contact: PH 01634 402276

Upnor Castle
Upnor Castle was constructed under the orders of Elizabeth I who wished to protect her interests anchored in the Medway. .. more
Admission: £4.00 Adults £3.00 Children
Address: Upper Upnor, Rochester, Kent
Postcode: ME2 4XG Street Map
Contact: PH 01634 718742

Rochester Cathedral
The cathedral has been a place of Christian worship ever since the Saxons built a cathedral on the site in 604 A.D. According to the historian Bede, St Augustine consecrated, Justus, the first Bishop of Rochester. By 1077, the cathedral had borne the brunt of invasion by the Danes but by 1082, the first Norman bishop, Gundulf had established the Benedictine Priory of St. Andrew... more
Postcode: ME1 1SX Street Map

Watts Charity
More commonly known as the Six Poor Travellers' House, this museum is conveniently located next door to the Guildhall Museum. The house dates from the 16th century when Richard Watts Esq, a philanthropist, “by his Will, dated 22 Aug. 1579, founded this Charity for Six poor Travellers, who not being ROGUES, or PROCTORS, May receive gratis for one Night, Lodging, Entertainment,and Fourpence each.” (Dickens) The house which continued to be used right up to the 1940's was also the inspiration for Dickens' short story, “The Seven Poor Travellers”. You'll be able to see the dining room, sleeping quarters and some very interesting postcards and photos which depict life in Rochester in the early 20th century.
Address: 97 High St, Rochester, Kent
Postcode: ME1 1LX Street Map
Contact: PH 01634 845609

Guildhall Museum
Easily located on High Street, the Guildhall Museum presents interesting displays which cover the history of the town extending as far back as Roman times to the present. Displays include Victoriana, the castle under siege and an impressive recreation of a prison which illustrates the conditions inmates of the time would have been kept under. The collection is housed in the town's finest example of a 17th century building. Look upwards and you'll see the beautiful plaster ceilings donated to the town by one Admiral Sir Cloudsey Shovell in 1695.
Address: High Street, Rochester, Kent
Postcode: ME1 1PY Street Map
Contact: PH 01634 848717

Info CentreRochester Tourist Information Centre
An award-winning visitor centre, you can visit the art gallery on the first floor or pick up some maps or information on the key attractions in the area.
Address: 95 High Street, Rochester, Kent
Postcode: ME1 1LX Street Map
Contact: PH +44 01634 843666

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