The Weavers Houses

Take a walk to St. Peter's Street where you'll see a row of medieval houses which have mostly been reconverted to house shops and restaurants. These half-timbered houses were once home to the Huguenot refugees who came here to escape persecution from the Catholics in Flanders. Given the right to trade and being expert at weaving, they once again brought wealth to Canterbury which now felt the brunt of King Henry VIII's abolishment of Becket's shrine and its pilgrims. You can also take a boat tour which leaves from the Old Weaver's House. This was the site of the Ducking Stool which was once used as a test for witches. The unfortunate soul was placed in the stool with certain death being the only resolution. Survival of the test confirmed you had a witch on your hands who was then killed while her death confirmed her innocence.

Address: 1-3 St. Peter's Street
Town/city or near: Canterbury
County: Kent

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