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Reculver Towers and Roman Fort

These Roman ruins lie within Reculver Country Park. Historians believe that Reculver was most likely one of the places the Roman army landed in A.D. 43. The orginal settlement has been lost largely to coastal erosion but the existing fort of Regulbium was built in the 3rd century by Carausis probably as a defence against pirates. Initially it was garrisoned by the first cohort of Baetasians transferred from Cumbria. It later became part of the chain of Roman defences known as the forts of the Saxon shore.

Four centuries later, the Saxons built the Church of St. Mary within the walls of the fort but unfortunately this crumbled in 1809. The twin Reculver Towers were rebuilt in twelth century style by the maritime government and were also intended to aid navigation. Excellent picnic spot. There's also a pub, cafe, interpretation centre and carpark at the foot of the hill, from where it's a 5-10 minute stroll to the site. Interestingly, the information board is the first i've ever seen to have a translation in braille. Cyclists can also take a ride from here to Margate which passes by the old Roman wall.

Town/city or near: Herne Bay
County: Kent
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