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    Hugin - Replica Viking Ship

    The replica ship 'Hugin' was sailed from Denmark in 1949 by 53 Danes to commemorate the 1500th arrival of the legendary Hengist and his brother Horsa, two Saxon chieftains, who landed at nearby Ebbsfleet. The 'Hugin' first landed at Viking Bay, Broadstairs, Kent before being placed on permanent display just off the main road to the west of Pegwell Bay. There is little evidence of Viking ships in the 5th century and Hugin is based on a later Viking design of a longship.

    On the foreshore, more recent invaders would have arrived in giant SRN4 Hovercraft at the Internation Hoverport which was officially opened in 1969. In its later versions the massive SRN4 could carry over 400 passengers and 55 cars at approximately 60mph, rountinely crossing the Channel in 40 minutes. In 1982 the service from Pegwell Bay ceased when the two rivals Seaspeed and Hoverlloyd merged.

    Town/City: Ramsgate
    County: Kent

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