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St. Mary's Church

St. Mary's church was built by the Normans on the site of a Saxon nunnery founded in the 7th century by Domneva, cousin to Egbert, King of Kent. Despite its destruction during the French raids of 1217 and 1457, an earthquake in 1578 and the collapse of the tower in 1667, the church still has remains of its original Norman arcading inside together with a 15th century font and an ancient “Peter's Pence” box. Although greatly repaired in the 1870s, the church fell into ruinous condition until 1952 when it was saved from demolition and restored by the Friends of St. Mary's. It is now maintained by the Redundant Churches Fund.

Address: Church Street St Mary's / Strand Street
Postcode: CT13 2GY
Town/city or near: Sandwich
County: Kent

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