St. Mary's Church

Although it's over 900 years old, most tourists visit this church to see the oldest, functioning church clock in the country. Dating to 1562, it also has an 18ft pendulum which you'll see keeping time as you enter the church. For a small fee, you can climb the tower to take a peek at the clock's mechanism and for spectacular views over Rye and the countryside. Out in the graveyard, keep an eye out for Isaac Ingall's gravestone which ages him at 120 years old. If things seem a wee bit creepy out in the churchyard, the sense may be related to a murder which took place here in 1742. Poor ol' Allen Grebell was mistaken for the Mayor, by John Breeds. Hung for the crime, his remains were later displayed on Gibbets Marsh in an iron cage before being taken to the Town Hall.

Address: Lion Street
Town/city or near: Rye
County: East Sussex
Adults: 2.00
Children: 1.00

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