Totnes Guildhall

Lying just behind the Parish and Priory of St. Mary, Totnes, the Guildhall was first established in 1088 as part of the Benedictine Priory. The building which stands here today dates mostly from the 16th century when it was rebuilt in the aftermath of the Reformation. It was then transformed into the meeting place of the Merchant Guild. Since the 16th century, the Guildhall at Totnes has served as the Magistrates Court and the town gaol. The Guildhall's longest standing role is as a home to the Totnes Town Council with over 600 mayors commemorated for their service in the lower hall. On your visit, you'll be able to see the prisoners' cells and the Council Chamber with they very table where Oliver Cromwell convened with his generals to plot his campaign in 1646.

Address: Rampart's Walk
Postcode: TQ9 5QH
Town/city or near: Totnes
County: Devon
Adults: 1
Children: .25

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