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St. Andrew's Anglican Church

The largest church in Devon and Plymouth's Mother Church, St Andrew's is built upon a site that has witnessed holy worship since the 11th century. St. Andrew's was bombed in 1941 leaving a gutted shell and the tower. As parishioners bemoaned their loss, an anonymous sign was posted above the church. The prophecy read, Resurgam (I will rise again). Indeed it did. The church you see here today is a reconstruction of the 15th century building in Perpendicular style. The decorated tower stands at 136ft and dates from 1461. It holds 10 bells, 6 of which date from 1749. On your visit, you'll also be able to see a voyage plan scratched on the wall by Sir Francis Drake and beautiful 20th century stained-glass windows by Patrick Reyntiens and John Piper. Abbey Hall lies to the south of St. Andrew's. It was probably the former house of a priest but now serves as the Parish Hall and a WWI memorial.

Notable historic visitors include Sir John Hawkins, Catherine of Aragon who gave thanks here for landing safely in Plymouth in 1501, Sir Francis Drake and Captain Bligh ( Mutiny on the Bounty ).

Address: St. Andrew's Church, Royal Parade
Postcode: PL1 2AD
Town/city or near: PLYMOUTH
County: Devon
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Website: http://www.standrewschurch.org.uk

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