Arundel Cathedral

Built in 1873, the cathedral's architecture is the French Gothic style " a design that was popular when the Dukes of Norfolk rose to eminence in the 1400s. An old and established family, the Duke of Norfolk is the premier Duke in English Peerage and is second in status only to the Royal Family. Arundel Cathedral was founded by Henry, the 15th Duke of Norfolk and built from Bath stone by Joseph Hansom whose name is most famous for his invention of the hansom cab.

Arundel Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Cathedral. It was originally the parish church of Arundel dedicated to St. Philip Neri. It was not until 1965 and the foundation of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton that it was designated a cathedral. At this time the cathedral was rededicated to Our Lady and St. Philip. Third time lucky? In 1973, the church was rededicated again, this time to the newly canonised martyr, St Philip Howard. The 13th Earl of Arundel, St. Philip converted to Roman Catholicism at a time when the religion was banned by the crown. Attempting to flee the country, he was apprehended at sea and spent the last 13 years of his life in the Tower of London. His shrine is at the end of the north transept. At the south end of the transept is the shrine to the former patron saint of the parish, St. Philip Neri. On your visit, also note the beautiful rose window decorated with stained glass illustrations depicting the Blessed Virgin. Each year the Corpus Christi Feast Day takes place 60 days after Easter and the cathedral is strewn with flowers laid down the centre aisle by the Ladies of the Parish.

Address: Cathedral House, Parsons Hill
Postcode: BN18 9AY
Town/city or near: Arundel
County: West Sussex

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