The Square Tower

Built in 1494, the Square Tower was as one of Henry VIII's fortifications of the town. It is now Portsmouth's oldest and best known landmark. From the Square Tower to the Round Tower crowds often gather to welcome craft from tall ships to war ships. The Square Tower was originally designed as a gun platform but was later used as the military governor's residence, a powder magazine and a meat and water storage space. In 1823, the Admiralty installed a semaphore signalling station on top of the square tower.

Next to the Square Tower you'll be able to see a Sallyport which was used in the 19th century to bring in stores for the Square Tower. On the right, another Sally port was once used by officers and dignitaries to enter Portsmouth's Old Town. It is still in use today. In the North East wall of the Square Tower you'll be able to see a bust of Charles I. It was a gift to the city following his travels in Europe in search of a bride. The inscription below reads, "After his travels from France into Spain and having passed many dangers both sea and land he arrived here on the 5th October 1623.

Address: Broad Street
Postcode: PO1
Town/city or near: Portsmouth
County: Hampshire


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