King James' Gate

The first gate that stood here was called Point Gate and gave access from Portsmouth's Old Town to the Point. The stonework of this gate was strengthened, enlarged and renamed as King James' Gate in 1687 and stood across Broad Street. It ensured that reputable townsfolk were kept separate from the disreputable of the Point. The original buildings on the west side of Point street were demolished in 1847 when Point Barracks was erected. Beyond its outer face, a drawbridge crossed a moat which was filled in during the 19th century. The gate itself was taken down in 1865. Close by, you'll see a monument which takes the form of a large chain link. It commemorates the sailing of the first fleet from Spithead carrying settlers to Australia and the 'birth of a great nation'.

Address: King James' Gate
Postcode: PO1 2EJ
Town/city or near: Portsmouth
County: Hampshire
Free Entry
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Every day at any reasonable time.
English Heritage

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