Sandsfoot Castle

Sandsfoot Castle was built at the same time as Portland Castland by Henry VIII after his separation from the Catholic Church. The area's exposure posed a threat and Henry VIII, expected retribution from Europe following the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

Constructed from a combination of Portland stone (check) and stones from the ruins of Bindon Abbey in Dorset, Sandsfoot Castle was originally rectangular in shape. It was composed of two stories underlaid by dungeons surrounded by ramparts and a ditch to protect its vulnerable landward side.

In similar fashion to Portland Castle, the fortifications at Sandsfoot would never be used against a foreign invader but would become a point of contention between the British themselves. Sandsfoot Castle came under attack durin the Civil War and was surrendered by Colonel Ashburnham to Parliamentary Forces in 1644. Last used in the Monmouth Rebellion, Sandsfoot Castle was left to decay and began to fall into ruins centuries ago. As erosion is eating away at the cliff on which it sits, access to the site is limited for safety reasons and the whole area is cordoned off with railings.

Address: Sandsfoot Castle, Old Castle Road
Town/city or near: Weymouth
County: Dorset

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