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Situated along the beautiful English Riviera, little Brixham is one of Britain's most picturesque and historic harbour towns. The fishing harbour at Brixham saw the building of the first sailing trawlers and fostered the birth of the industry in England. Nowadays, Brixham is still at the forefront of the fishing industry in Britain and you'll be able to see the fleet of trawlers from the platform at Newquay.

Full of atmosphere with its narrow streets and steps, Brixham is a popular summer tourist destination with various attractions. You'll stroll past the little marina with its reconstruction of the Golden Hinde, watch fishermen at their work and pleasure yachts setting sail.

The most important event at Brixham was the arrival of William of Orange who landed here in 1688 in order to take the Crown of England. This milestone is now marked by an obelisk and stone. Nearby, Berry Head also played an important role in the history of the nation and the forts and canons which you'll see here on your visit were once used to defend England against Napoleon's advances. The historic site is now home to Berry Head Nature Reserve and a haven for the endangered horseshoe bat.

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Brixham : Sightseeing and Attractions

Berry Head National Nature Reserve
Stretching from Berry Head to Sharkham Point, Berry Head National Nature Reserve is an important haven for flora and fauna. Berry Head is home to the rare white-cock rose, small hare's ear and the little restharrow. Other species which thrive on the thin limestone soil and exposed conditions of the Berry Head headland are honewort, spring gentian and goldilocks aster. Berry Head is also important for its seabird colony which include Kittiwakes, Razorbills and Guillemots. You'll be able to watch it all happening live in the Berry Head Visitor Centre via CCTV. Guided walks are also available.
Address: Berry Head National Nature Reserve, The Bungalow, Brixham, Devon
Postcode: TQ5 9AL Street Map

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