Alloa Tower

Built between 1300 and 1350, Alloa is both the largest and the oldest surviving keep in Scotland. The ancestral home of the Erskine Family, Alloa Tower expanded and developed over the centuries, until finally serving as an annexe to a grand mansion. Its glory days came to an abrupt end at the turn of the 19th century when a fire swept through the outer buildings, Alloa Tower being the only survivor.

While many monarchs visited Alloa Tower over the centuries, Mary Queen of Scots had the strongest ties to it. The Erskines were her custodians and during her childhood she spent time in Alloa Tower and was also tutored by Lord Erskine. She would later repay him by awarding him the much coveted title of the Earl of Mar.

On your visit, you'll tour the four storeys and despite the many alterations, you'll still be able to see some features of the medieval Alloa Tower such as the dungeon and magnificent oak vaulted ceiling. You'll also see a highly unusual internal well, an 18th century Italianate staircase, James VI's high chair and collections of silver and portraits to Alloa Tower (kindly on loan from the current Earl of Mar and Kellie). Check with National Trust for Events at Alloa Tower.

Walkers may want to combine a visit to Alloa Tower with a walk to Clackmannan Tower, the ancient seat of the Bruce's. The circular walk is 3.25km (about 2 and a half hours).

Curious Facts or Total Fiction?
Legend has it that Mary's Queen of Scots son, James VI really died at Alloa Tower in 1566 and was substituted with Earl of Mar's baby son.

Address: Alloa Park
Postcode: FK10 1PP
Town/city or near: Alloa
County: Clackmannanshire
Adults: 5.00
Children: 4.00
Opening Times
1 April to 31 Oct, daily 1-5. Morning visits available for pre-booked groups.
National Trust Scotland

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