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Reviewed by: roger bellamy (Guest) , May 25 2010 12:20PM

I have been visiting this area since 1972, and sadly, have watched it slowly decline during that period. \it once was a very vibrant part of Exmoor, but the collapse of the local agriculture, and the influx of suburban-minded people from the South-East has created a two-tier society with the remaining locals overshadowed by those who have migrated there. The history is gradually being eroded and traditions rapidly lost. Exmoor longhouses, barely changed in 500 years now resemble Spanish ranches. Lynton itself seems to have lost any sense of purpose now that most shop in Minehead or Barum. Old views and old architecture is ruthlessly destroyed on acquisition, the new arrivees stay about five years, to be replaced by another set, and so the cycle continues. Yes, it still retains many pretty features, but it has lost a unique rural character. On top of that, tourist facilities ironically, have barely changed, hotel and b'n'b standards are generally poor, and essential services like the cliff railway, are prohibitively expensive. I'd give it 3 stars as a tourist resort. For friendliness, unique charm and value for money I'd choose the North York Moors or Pembrokeshire any day.

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