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Reviewed by: Carolyn Ernest-Jones (Guest) , Apr 12 2010 6:35PM

I was born at 25 King Street and lived just beneath Cobb's Brewery. I was a Cobb and born in 1948. Margate must have been fabulous in Victorian times but never really rose up again to great heights - too much of the Kiss me hats and Bingo. However the sands are lovely and I always had fun on the beach. We used to shrimlp and prawn. Margate and Westgate and Birchington (where we now have a flat) have wonderful sunsets - now not so much from the smog of Turner's days from London but more from all the plane clouds heading to London or to the Continent. It is a shame that Westwood took away all the business from Margate. Hopefully something more up market will come along with the Turner Gallery. Just as well my mother is not alive (Angela Cobb). It used to make her mad that the Turner Gallery was being built - all that money! and in such a stupid place!!!
Ah Well! Progress.

Please do not come here

Reviewed by: Chris Bath (Guest) , Mar 29 2010 12:33PM

Anyone who comes to Margate these days has to be either blind or extremely stupid. 'LOCAL' businessmen have taken this once great town and and ruined it. I have been a builder in Margate for 37 years and have seen what has been going on since coming here from London, for the good life, yeah right. The hotels have always been crap, with a few exceptions of course, but they were out of the reach for normal working class familys. To this date they are just obsessed with magnolia walls, a partition in the corner of a room, dubbed ensuite and Artex ceilings. Trust me I have worked in enough around here and Cliftonville to tell you the truth. In the good old days the hoteliers just kept banking the money, wanting local tradesmen to work for next to nothing and then demand avant guard finish, yea right, you know who you are who read this post and you should lower you're head in shame for being so greedy and spoiling young kids lives that live in run down estates near where I lived, that used to have a treat in being able to come to margate for the day or long weekend. Below are my latest facts as I believe to be true and accurate.
Dreamland = SHUT = Greedy want of profit to re-develop into housing = immigrants NO doubt.
Pubs = half gone or on the brink of extinction = no tourist trade = no buffer for winter survival.
Turner center = well, a joke, mark my words, this will have to be subsidised. In Margate, do me a favour, the last thing this dump needs is that. An up to date inside tourist attraction on dreamland site or a theme park at least maybe.
Charity shops = loads of them= they dont pay council tax and would be empty without charities.
Marks and Spencer = GONE = if they cant weather the storm there is no hope for anyone else.
Welcome to Margate = ARLINGTON FLATS = monstrocity = welcome to Margate 60s style.
Pavements = walk the length of westbrook= dog s--t everywhere even though covered by cctv.
Parking = WHERE = when it is busy on rare occasions, you see cars driving round & round looking.
Jellied eels & cockles = dont bother unless its in kids summer holidays.
Boating = do you remember all the speedboats, the jetspray & golden spray ? ALL GONE.
Lido = crap hole = I took my grandkids for mamouth bootsale, there was 4 stalls= ADVERTISE.
Amusment arcades = the place is full of them, if you like carbon emissions on grand scale there great.
Location = you cant go any further east, you can only leave Margate, which as you will see, a good thing. Go to Dorset, Devon, Yarmouth, Sussex. Trust me it's better.
Open top buses = er NO gone too.
Hoodies = er yeah innit, welcomr to Margate geez, av sum blo & gum & spit it out ALL along our former, lovely sea front = have a look outside ESCAPE NIGHTCLUB a veritable denaminiquity, plastered with vomit, used chewing gum and kebab wrappers amongst other things, I'll not mention here.
Single parent family's = statistics say Margate = worst in the country = I pay for these meal tickets.
Bus shelters = I am not even going there on this one = see for yourself.

WHAT A SHAME, WHAT A SHAME, shall I go on I ask myself ? but I reckon people will get the true picture from this post which as said, is true and has been verified by lots of my friends on seeing the printed article and like me are sick to death of the place and the corruption within. The sea Bathing Hospital, 'Gentleman Jim, the list is endless, thank you guys, now take your money and go elsewhere, as I'm sure you will and corrupt and steel hopes and enjoyment from ORDINARY people like me, who just wants a quite life and a DECENT standard of living.
I feel better now believe it or not lol.
Thank you for reading my shorter version post,
Chris Bath.

comments on Margate

Reviewed by: Virginia Brown (Guest) , Aug 13 2007 10:12PM

I was born at 53 Ramsgate Road in Margate in 1953. I left when I was five when mum married an American GI. Visited for the month of July 11 thru August 7 - brought back loads of memories. Saw shell grotto for the first time ever and was so impressed. Makes you wonder what else is going on underneath us. Missed Dreamland, but pleased to hear the powers that be may be coming to an agreement to refurbish. It makes sense if you want to restore the attraction for visitors. Otherwise, other places have more to offer for holidays. Hope to come back to visit again real soon. Brought back 36 sticks of Margate rock for my friends and family back home in Hawaii. I still have family in Margate and Ramsgate. I always tell people that Margate is a seaside resort just like the one I now live in Hawaii. The big difference it that our Hawaiian weather is about 80 degrees all year round, and we certainly do not close up for the winter. Aloha

Missing my birthplace.

Reviewed by: Peter Croft. (Guest) , Feb 8 2007 7:21AM

I was born at no.5 Market place,Margate.Lived in Thanet until I was 16,then I joined the Army.Have been down to visit a few times but not recently.I would say that some of my happiest memories are rooted in Margate.My father worked as a bus inspector for what was then called the East Kent road car co.Have fond memories of the beach,the pier,Dreamland park,my first school St.Gregory's to name just a few.Hope to visit soon and retrace the happy memories.

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