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Reviewed by: Gill Hardy (Guest) , Jan 10 2012 6:17AM

Sandwich is one of the most beautiful of medieval towns in England. There is lots of history here and if you enjoy wandering through small winding streets and enjoying the most wonderful architecture then this is the place to visit. The shops are lovely, no high street chain shops, just small independent shops from designer wear to trinkets. Booking a "Greet" through Kent tourist information was a great idea as we were met by a local who showed us the town and told us much about the history. Apparently its the 250th anniversary this year 2012 of the "invention" of the Sandwich with much celebrations going on in May. Go step back in time and visit this wonderful corner of England. Also a great B&B in town White Rose Lodge!

Pilgrims House - Sandwich

Reviewed by: Martin Mills (Guest) , Oct 29 2009 3:01PM

In the Sandwich section there is a picture of the gate entrance to the house ( picture No 4 ). This is an original tudor gate and the bricks are tudor. The pointing work carried out in the early 60's had to be under taken with special materials so's not to damage the brick work. I haven't been back there lately but I wonder if my initials can still be found in the brick work along the wall.

I was 14/15 years old then, and very handy, jack-of-all-trades. I'm 61 now.

It was a lovely house, and still had (then) the original tudor panelling though out.

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