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Reviews & Comments for Hastings


Reviewed by: George Duggan (Guest) , Mar 29 2010 7:17AM

I love Hastings. I live in the USA, but my partner is from Hastings, and I have been to Hastings many, many times. I would like to see the front cleaned up, the hotels painted, and the pier re-opened. A lot of money is wasted in Hastings that could go for more useful items. Who came up with the idea of the "sleeping policemen" a few years back? Bad idea!
One thing I think would be great would be a "cruise" of Hastings and the surrounding area. Using a similar type boat that they use in London. Maybe just to Eastbourne and back, no stopping, or put docking facilities in various cities and let several towns benefit from this!


Reviewed by: paul (Guest) , Oct 5 2009 7:02PM

a nice seaside town, plenty to see but i did feel let down by the smugglers trail, felt it was missing something plus i felt it was rather expensive for a family of 4, a nightmare to find once you get up the hill in an old lift, theres an arrow pointing right, then you see a black tourist sign pointing 200 metres that way then nothing but steps and small alley ways, by chance i found the place hidden out the way. the old lift cost ?6 for a return for a family of 4 we then had to pay almost ?4 each to view the remains of the old norman castle, such a rip off i feel should be free. ( ?6 for a nice view is a lot of money.) after paying for the lift fare. the sealife centre was disapointing too, some childrens interactive guide were out of order and the star attractions, the sharks were not there. boo. the whole experience was over quite quickly too. too short.

Visiting Hastings

Reviewed by: Marlene (Guest) , Mar 22 2008 10:47AM

Ten years ago, I lived in Hastings for a month and I loved, it was one of my best experience in my life.
I was there to study English since then, I've never forgotten that place.

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