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Tyneham Village

Reviewed by: Kerry Weeks (nee Godden) (Guest) , Apr 12 2010 7:49AM

Eerie indeed but what an amazing place...i return time & time if only to see my Grandfather & his brothers & sisters photographs displayed in the church & school house,yes my relatives lived there & were evacuated,never to return...

opening times

Reviewed by: Lynne Hewitt (Guest) , Jan 27 2010 2:58PM

I have made so many attempts to visit Tynham Village and have now given up. Travelling there at different times and days of the week have been fruitless. Closed. Now on the website clicking on 'opening times' I am met with 'page not found'. This really is a ghost village if indeed it exists. the odds are definitely stacked against me. No signs. No information and enquiries locally about the times one may visit the village itself have been met (over the past 5 years) with a shrug of the shoulders. Almost as sad as the story I read before me. Maybe some day I will travel back there and find it open. Who knows? Enjoyed reading the comments of those that have been successful in actually visiting Tynham I am beginning to think this is the closest I will ever get.

Tyneham Village

Reviewed by: Karen Fawcett (Guest) , Jul 29 2009 10:37AM

I had tried to visit Tyneham on two previous occasions whilst on holiday in Dorset. This time we were successful.
I was not prepared for the emotional journey that I experienced ! As a Teacher I was facinated by the School Room, and the work that remained, it was not difficult imagining the children at their studies.
The church has obviously been used and partly restored, and the grave-yard was an errie experience.
Walking around Tyneham, it was easy to imagine life in 1943, and for a short while I became part of that large family.
How very sad that they were never allowed to return.....

Tyneham Village

Reviewed by: A (Guest) , May 30 2009 1:39PM

An amazing place. Mixed emotions... So sorry all those people had to leave their homes when they did and at such notice, but thankful they did as the place is so unspoilt...

Tyneham Village

Reviewed by: stewart West (Guest) , Oct 6 2008 7:05AM

Please remember,when you feel anger about the damage done to the village by the army,the villagers gave their homes, the soldiers gave their lives

tyneham village.

Reviewed by: b c gunningham (Guest) , Jun 16 2008 4:09PM

i visited this sad but lovely village this month (june 08). the mind
workes in strange ways,sad because of those lovely people being
driven out of thier homes,and never being allowed to return.
the peace and calm i found there was outstanding,the school
brought back so many memories of my young days in school
in wales. long may tyneham village remain so beautiful and peaceful.

Tyneham Village

Reviewed by: Roger Head (Guest) , May 27 2008 4:35PM

What a sad little place this is - and yet a great tribute to those who lived there and left willingly to further the war, to ensure the freedom of us all. The village is maintained well and the schoolhouse and church are fascinating, and all in a beautiful setting. Well worth a visit.

Tyneham Village

Reviewed by: pauline (Guest) , Mar 24 2007 5:00PM

A lovely peaceful place - must have been wonderful when it was a proper village community. So sad to think that our own army could have treated those people so badly with so little compensation.


Reviewed by: Karen Horton (Guest) , Mar 8 2007 2:50PM

A beautiful peaceful place, one can only imagine what it was like pre war, no electricity, traffic or noise! Pity there aren't more photos, also would love to see exactly on a map where Tyneham House is and photo of the ruins and wonder why we are not allowed to see it

Tyneham Village Dorset

Reviewed by: Kath Hopson (Guest) , Jan 9 2007 2:30AM

Felt so sad to think of those lovely villagers being evicted by the British goverment of the day with very little compensation. Also angry that so much damage had been done by our own British Army rather than the enemy of the day! It was like stepping back in time in an eerie kind of way. Thought about the village and the people who once lived there for the rest of the day. An absolute must on any Dorset visitors' lists. They won't forget it in a hurry.

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