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Reviews & Comments for Paignton

What a monnosalabic person

Reviewed by: Colin Jeffery (Guest) , May 31 2014 1:06PM

Amazing, if you don't come from here, don't knock it.some of the best beaches, eating, safe swimming, safe at night, good hotels, nice friendly people, always willing to help. Sunshine 10 months of the year, fireworks twice a year, Red arrows and lots more. So please take your bad Attitude and your 50 years and stick it!..... We love it!


Reviewed by: Holmes (Guest) , Aug 9 2010 11:51AM

There seems to be decent places according to info sites outside Paington, I went there to go for a train trip, was there an hour early. The area from the Steam station to the seafront was so so tacky and cheap I started to feel queasy, the people seemed be be wandering around in a daze, like people from a zombie film I don't blame them.
I can vaguely remember seaside places like that 50 years ago, absolutly amazing and sickening, unless your thing is cheap tat, avoid.

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