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Reviews & Comments for Torcross

Visting Torcross

Reviewed by: Tony Plumstead (Guest) , Jun 25 2011 10:59AM

30 years ago i learnt to scuba dive at torcross, it was so special, at that time there was a hotel.!!
which we stayed in for a week, and that's how i fell in love with Starcross, a few weeks ago i travelled
from Holland to the south of Cornwall, and stopped all over with my video-cam to make short films
which you can find shortly on Google and it's called .. i am actualy advertising
for the U.K. in Nederland and then on the wide web, because people want to see short films of where
they would like to go on holiday. so i have began and you can see that on YOU TUBE under repairthings, and a lot more.
yours sincerly
Tony Plumstead.

Visit to Torcross.......

Reviewed by: Margaret Egan (Guest) , Jun 22 2011 10:11AM

This is not exactly a review, though I have visited Torcross for a day way back in the early 50s and
loved it ! My Dad was born in Torcross in 1899 and so enjoyed his childhood there. One of my
sons and I will be visiting Torcross late in August....I will be coming from Canada and he will be
coming from Miami Beach, Florida, USA. This coming visit will be a nostalgic one as it was my
Dad's home. John Hanneford, Butcher, was my Dad's best friend as schoolboys and I believe that
business is still being family run! I am hoping to meet with the present John Hanneford during our
one-day visit just for "old time's sake"....and dig up a bit of the past, so to speak!
For a special reason on my part I would like to know if there is still a Village Pump in Torcross!! (I
have my reason for asking that !)
This seems to be the only way to contact anyone along these lines, in Torcross. Thank you for your
time and my son and I look forward to our visit.

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