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Reviewed by: Ian Barratt (Guest) , Jan 8 2010 4:30AM

I was sent to school there in 1948 from London so was very outside the circle of Portlanders.
It was wild, rugged, outside any of the standatd pictures of english nature that one would find in any book.
Last year I flew round the island in a light plane and was delighted by the diversity of landscape, both natural and man made. a later visit showed that there is still a fortune in sights, walks and investigations to be saved and treasured.


Reviewed by: jenny harlin (Guest) , Feb 9 2007 12:43PM

very inspiring, something new to look at around every corner, taking a freind for a first time visit tomorrow she will love it!
what a place, unique, beautiful and stunning, try visiting during the summer to see the flowers and butterflies and in the winter to experience it's wild, rugged environment!

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