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Reviews & Comments for Tavistock

1. Drake's Walk 2. Origin of name of Tavistock

Reviewed by: Jeremy Davies (Guest) , May 21 2009 4:32AM

1. It is incorrect to say Drake's original dwelling no longer exists. It is part of the structure of one of the buildings at Crowndale Farm (and justifies an archaeological survey). Why not give a plan of the Walk to show where it goes?
2. If you refer to the Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names, it gives: 'Tauistoce 981, Tavestoc 1086 (DB). 'Outlying farmstead or hamlet by the River Tavy'. Celtic river name (possibly 'dark stream') + OE stoc.' In other words 'stock' means farmstead not market.

Devon at its Best!

Reviewed by: J Bruce (Guest) , Feb 10 2008 10:43AM

A wonderful town to wander and marvel at. I keep coming back time and time again to visit the famous Pannier Market and to simply enjoy the friendly atmosphere that surrounds the town. I live near Totnes but when I have visitors staying with me I will always take them for a day out to Tavistock -they are never disappointed.

Just so much to offer....all ages

Reviewed by: Liz Murphie (Guest) , Jan 20 2008 4:12PM

From my first visit to Tavistock 25 years ago as a pillion on our motorbike, my now husband and I still come back two to three times a year (along with a motorbike). We have never been disapointed and have seen it in all weathers, hail, rain,snow and sunshine. We will continue to come back as we still havent taken in everything Tavistock and it's surrounding area has to offer.

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