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Reviews & Comments for Mevagissey

Mevagissey aqarium

Reviewed by: (Guest) , Sep 19 2011 7:49AM

On friday the 16th sep I visited the aquarium , What i found was a rather a horrible area with many to large fish in the tanks,
They need to be put into another tank much bigger than the one they were in I felt bad for the fish as they looked fed up and stressed, I have my own tank and care for my fish as i would any pet and this needs to be done in this place to. I tried to ring the harbour and spoke to a guy called chris who told me he was responsible for the aquarium, when I told him my concerns all he did was raise his voice and tell me I did not know what i was talking about, and he then asked me if I had donated any money on the way out, I told him no i had not as I was concerned about the fish, he then said well you did not put any money in you just saved it to make this phone call about something you know nothing about. He also said they had beed inspected by the RSPCA and had been given the all clear, I have phoned the RSPCA and they are going to be looking into my concerns regarding the size of the tanks and said chris who took my call from the harbour should have been more concerned himself that someone took the time to call and he should not have been so angry that I had. I believe this aquarium should be avoideduntill something is done about this worry, I was not the only person to be concerned when I got outside 4 other people were saying it was to small for the size of fish in there, they also told me they would be making a phone call when they got home


Reviewed by: The Globetrotters (Guest) , Jan 15 2008 11:56AM

We enjoyed our holiday in Mevagissey last year very much, although the weater was
terrible. The locals were very pleasant and in the main helpful.
The Sharks Fin restaurant on the quayside was very good food and nice atmosphere, however, the Quay West restaurant LACKED atmosphere and friendly staff, who bordered on the lines of rudeness!.
The quaint cobbled streets and shops were typically cornish and we are planning to visit again this year, but not to the Quay West restaurant!

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