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Visit Crovie - Love Crovie

Reviewed by: Helen Noble (Guest) , Feb 12 2010 8:22AM

My husband and I spent a week in Crovie in November 2009, it was superb! Such a restful place with the changing mood of the sea right in front of us. We'll be back again this year and hope to share the experience with my parents who are getting on a bit in years but who appreciate the riches of nature.


Reviewed by: ed knipe (Guest) , Aug 13 2009 7:16AM

The information on the origins of the original settlers of Crovie is incorrect. Long before the clearances and a half century prior to the "15" there were fisherfolk in the area. Although being cleared out of the Highlands for sheep is a romantic notion, it nonetheless has no historical validity. The other issue is ownership of boats. As was the practice in the 1600s through to the 1900s, all houses, barns, and tack were provided by the laird (landlord). Farmers or fishers paid rent in some form. This was either money or tiends or some combination of the two. The latter were some percentage of a crop, animals, or fish. In the records for Crovie and Gardenstown one notes that tiends were replace by money when money became available in the Scottish economy. The switch to tenants owning their own tack, including boats, was more likely initiated by the laird to avoid capital outlay. However, in the mid 1800s the laird of Troup often underwrote part of a boat and nets for herring fishing. In return, he received a share of the boat's earnings. This same practice exists today. With the high cost of a modern fishing boat and gear, outside funding is often solicited. In this sense, little has changed from the practice of underwriting fishing in the 1800s, except that corporate funding has replace the laird.

Sorry to burst the bubble of whomever wrote the script for this piece, but there are data that contradict the conclusions of this piece. I will gladly provide specific citations if the author wishes to share his or hers with me.


Reviewed by: mo.stevie (Guest) , Jan 27 2009 4:40PM

i think its pronouned crivvy i will be visiting crovie in july 2009 i beleave there was also a battle in the area battle of the pits but unsure were to look probebly do some fishing at deveron etc really looking forward to this holiday a long drive from sanquhar will be staying at the old post office cottage wood burning stove and all that stuff cant wait but i will certainly come back to this forum to tell some stories


Reviewed by: Jane Cole (Guest) , Nov 9 2008 12:02PM

yes indeed i have been to crovie it is a wonderful place so wonderful im going back in november to see if i can catch a stormy night


Reviewed by: hotpot, Sep 22 2008 3:02PM

I'm lucky enough to live just a short drive away, it is indeed a beautiful place as is much of the north east of scotland. Many thanks for sharing your lovely photographs

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