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Large England Map

When time allows I will be adding castles, goftcourse and some other bits and pieces. Since the entire map has been made with free data some of these waypoints are proving hard to come across.

I have disabled searching for this map, you can use the search on the England map page and use that as a reference to this map.

Problems: Some of the town coordinates seem to be incorrect and as such some towns maybe in the wrong place. I have tried to correct as many as I can, if notice any on the map please contact me. Generally if there is a town that is besides the populated area (yellow) the yellow is the correct location of that town.

Sorry but unlike my other maps this one can't be used on other sites. Please do not hotlink or link directly to the map. Thanks.

Finally Ordinance Survey are a complete rip off! They charge thousands of pounds a year to provide what many countries give away for free! In fact the data used to make this map has come from various US government sources. Free our data.

contact me for suggestions or comments.

Large England Map