Map of England

Showing major roads, cities, and towns. This map is an accurate representation as it is made using latitude and longitude points provided from a variety of sources, and imageline to connect the thousands of latitude and longitude points together. This map as well as my larger one can be used for offline use such as school or university projects or just for personal reference. Use if you need to provide a reference. It cannot be used for commercial use or resold.

I also have made a much more detailed map, it is 3000 x 3165 pixels and 800k and it shows the majority of the main roads with their respective numbers. Large England Map

Map of England

About England

England is the largest country in Great Britain. It makes up 130,395 sq km out of the 243,305 sq km that makes up the United Kingdom. It is bordered at the North by Scotland and at the West by Wales. It is closer to continental Europe than any other part of the UK, France is only 33km away via the English Channel or 50km away via the Channel Tunnel. The geography of England comprises mostly of rolling hills and plains. In the North, there are some mountainous terrain such as the Pennines which are a chain of mountains dividing the east and the west.

The following are more detailed maps of each of the countries in the United Kingdom. You will also find county maps for England and location maps for over 10 thousand cities, towns, and villages. I have only done this for England and Scotland for now.

Large England Map

Larger Map of England. Includes major roads and towns.

England County Maps

Map Showing the different counties of England. Both traditional and ceremonial.

Devon Map

Maps of individual counties and the location of each town which are searchable or in an easy-to-use table.